Around AIP

Below are links to recent projects at AIP that have been produced in part because of the generous gifts of our donors.

Oral Histories

Our oral histories produced in the Center for History of Physics capture stories of physicists and others who have been integral to the evolution of scientific research and discovery.

You can listen to our most recently produced oral histories here, which include Jerry C. Elliott-High Eagle, Steven Dick, and Margaret Kivelson, along with many others.

Ex Libris Universum

Ex Libris Universum, a blog published by our Niels Bohr Library & Archives and Center for History of Physics, grants a unique perspective into the work of our librarians, archivists, historians and guest authors. Gain insight into their important work as they make the history and collections they preserve accessible, highlight the hidden figures and stories of science, and demonstrate the services they provide to the history of science community and the public. We invite you to read our author bios and encourage you to sign up for Ex Libris Universum’s monthly email, which features the latest content from the blog delivered directly to your inbox.

TEAM-UP Webinar | Belonging: African American Women in Physics & Astronomy

This is the first in a webinar series from the TEAM-UP Project at AIP. The TEAM-UP Webinar Series features talks that more deeply explore the five factors that contribute to African American undergraduate student persistence in physics and astronomy as noted in the TEAM-UP report, The Time is Now: Systemic Changes to Increase African Americans with Bachelor’s Degrees in Physics and Astronomy. Those factors are: Belonging, Physics Identity, Academic Support, Personal Support, and Leadership & Structures. This webinar was conducted in June 2021 and can be watched in its entirety here.

Continuing and Enhancing Support for Students

The abrupt escalation of the global pandemic had tremendous impacts on undergraduate students. From food and housing insecurity, to summer funding, internships or semester employment disappearing, 2020 left a trail of obstacles for students to overcome. But with the help of our generous donors, AIP and the Society of Physics Students were able to furnish a lifeline of $100,000 to students facing significant challenges. You can read more about those updates here, as well as learn about other ways you can donate to continue helping students in pursuit of their academic goals.

Lyne Starling Trimble History of Science Public Lectures

The Lyne Starling Trimble History of Science Public Lecture Series features prominent science historians and writers who highlight the important roles that science plays in modern society and culture. In January and February 2021, we featured two lectures: “How Prussian Precision Became Political,” and “Science in the Post-truth Era: A Decolonial Approach.” You can view our past Trimble lectures here, as well as sign up to be notified of future lectures.