Diversity Action Fund

Evolution of a New Funding Priority

The Diversity Action Fund was established by the AIP Foundation in the spring of 2021 to provide support to AIP in its effort to address inequities in the physical sciences enterprise. AIP acknowledges the importance of issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility (DEIBA) in our community. It has therefore expanded its DEIBA team to amplify the Institute’s contributions and impact beyond the TEAM-UP report released in 2020. The challenge now is how to implement the report’s recommendations. This new Diversity Action Fund will continue to support AIP’s work to drive meaningful change, advancing the physical sciences with a unifying voice of strength from diversity.

Giving to the Diversity Action Fund

Your support of the Diversity Action Fund will continue to support AIP’s work in developing programs and initiatives that directly address the root causes of discrimination and inequity across the physical sciences enterprise, building gateways of opportunity for African American students and individuals from other underrepresented groups. Through these efforts we aspire not only to better engage underrepresented communities but promote a culture made stronger through its depth and diversity.

2020 will remain a year that served for many as an awakening that illuminated stark realities of discrimination and inequity. At AIP we aspire to implement actions that result in meaningful cultural change. We seek your support to fuel our initiatives and programs. Together we can make a difference.