Optice: sive de Reflexionibus, RefractioOptice: sive de Reflexionibus, Refractionibus, Inflexionibus et Coloribus Lucis, libri tres

Isaac Newton

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About the Author

Isaac Newton (1642-1727) famously linked heavenly and terrestrial motions, the Moon and falling bodies, via three laws of motion and the law of gravity, in his Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (1687). The Opticks, first published in English in 1704, started with observations and described the properties of light needing to be explained. The Latin edition of 1740 in the NBL collection includes all 31 “Queries,” Newton’s ambiguous and suggestive essays and open questions about the nature of light, the universe, and everything in it.

About the Book

4to. [ii], xxxii, 363, [1] pp. 12 engraved folding plates, title vignette of 4 cherubs and a female figure, each using an optical instrument, representing learning optics/perspective (drawn by Delamoncein and engraved by Daudet), head & tail pieces and woodcut initial letters drawn by Papillon, index; lacks portrait included in some copies. Contemporary full vellum, gilt-stamped spine. Inscribed “S.Ma. Novella, 9163.” Title with oval rubber stamp of “Bibliotec: Se.me.novelle,” inscribed at foot, “Bibliothécae Lanetae Mariae Novellae, Do suit ex annuo … Frugoni Biblioth. ey anno 1743.” Rubber stamp on title.