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Click below to watch our video launching the AIP Foundation.

The AIP Foundation has been launched to engage benefactors in the scientific enterprise! We generate support for students of physics and astronomy, the Center for History of Physics, and the Niels Bohr Library & Archives.

We support science - preserving and celebrating the heritage of the physical sciences community while promoting academic enrichment and research.

Our mission is to expand charitable support for the American Institute of Physics as it advances the physical sciences with a unifying voice of strength from diversity and for the betterment of humanity.

NOV. 19 AT 6:00PM EST

for a virtual event introducing the AIP Foundation to the world.

Featuring special guests:

France Córdova
Former Director - NSF
John Mather
Nobel Physicist
Ellen Ochoa
Former Astronaut
James Glanz
NYT Journalist

and more!